Faculty of Theology Fulda


Book series edited by the Fulda Faculty of Theology

(“Fulda studies”)

Editor: Prof. Dr Dr Bernd Willmes, in collaboration with Prof. Dr Dr Jörg Disse, Prof. Markus Tomberg and Prof. Dr Notker Baumann

Theological and philosophical questions and topics that relate to the monastery and diocese of Fulda are the focus of the series “Fuldaer Studien”. The types of publication accepted for the series are the following:

  • festschrifts;
  • conference proceedings;
  • dissertations;
  • habilitations;
  • publications by those lecturing at the faculty or by individuals who are otherwise associated with with the faculty.

The individual volumes are aimed at those

  • teaching or studying theology and philosophy;
  • interested in the history of Fulda.