Faculty of Theology Fulda


Periods in which to register for matriculation

Winter semester
1st July - 1st October

Summer semester
1st February - 1st April


In order to matriculate, the following documents must be submitted to the Faculty Office:

  • application form;
  • proof of higher-education entry level qualifications;
  • examination certificates;
  • three passport-size photographs (plus an additional one for International Student ID if appropriate);
  • CV/résumé;
  • certificate of good conduct from parish priest;
  • certificate of medical insurance;
  • record of study with note of withdrawal from previous higher-education institute (if appropriate).

The programme of study, which states which courses a student studying for a specific degree has to take, can be found in the “Studienverlaufsplan”. This programme usually has to be followed in order for the student to qualify for the degree. You will find all the documents here.